Preszler Woodshop handcrafts heirloom quality canoes using traditional woodworking techniques. Each boat is painstakingly molded from hundreds of hand-cut wood strips during an exacting process that takes a year to complete. A Preszler Woodshop canoe is a functional work of art that is meant to be passed down through generations. Each vessel is made by the artist in his woodshop on the North Fork of Long Island — a barn built in 1820 which served as the original Mattituck Village Blacksmith. His practice is imbued with the elements of the outdoorsman: wood, water, sky, and life.


“The way of a canoe is the way of wilderness,
and of a freedom almost forgotten."

– Sigurd Olsen

"Through the windows Krzysztof points to a pair of handsome canoes sitting outside, and fetches a paddle for my inspection. 'They were made out of slabs of local Douglas fir, with no machines and no vices, just clamps on desks,' he says. To Krzysztof the boat is a paragon of interdisciplinary eduction. As he puts it: 'You've got mathematics, geometry, physics of buoyancy, the chemistry of epoxy resins, the art and aesthetic of colour and shape, the process of collaboration and the physical, outdoor experience of it all.' Of course, you've also got a boat."

– Aaron Hicklin, The Guardian